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Effects of Internet Usage on Teenagers

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Internet   was   found   by   United   States   of   America   in   1960s.   The   first   usage   was   to communicate   easily   between   military   camps   (Walt,   2009   para.1).   In   the   mid   of   1990s,   companies such   as   AOL,   Prodigy,   CompuServe   had   an   opportunity   for   the   open   sources   of internet   to   serve   people   a   new   world   and   after   that   the   name   of   internet   replaced   by   World Wide   Web.   A   new   world   had   improved   quickly   because   of   the   internet   providers.   In   today's world,   there   is   a   wide   usage   of   the   internet.   After   the   computers   have   improved   by engineers   and   reducing   their   costs   created   an   opportunity   to   everyone   buy   their   personal computers.   This improved   brought   us   to   enter   WWW   world   and   make   our   life   easier   in many   areas   (Walt,   2009   para.18-20-21).   Although   internet   make   our   life   easier,   there   are also   harmful   effects.   Teenagers   who   integrate internet   in   their   life   have   advantages   and   disadvantages,   it   is   depend   on   their   usage.

  Firstly,   internet   is   a   wide   area network,   because   of   this,   it   can   keep   all   information.   This   information   are   beneficial   for   the   teenagers   who   are   going   to   school.   According   to Oak   (2008),   efficent   and   organized   storage of   information   has   been   served by   the internet   well.   The   best   information   sources   of   the   internet   are   search   engines.   Just   writing   a   simple   query,   you   can   find   thousands   of   search   results.   Moreover,   thanks   to   the   system   of   search   engines,   most   revelant   results   are   given   to   you   on priority.   All   information   is   one   click   away.   Also   the   internet   provide   to access   online   libraries.   In   Priddy   (2007)'s   opinion,   online   libraries   good   for   teenagers   because   they   conveniance   and   user   friendly.   Besides,   they   have   good   features   such   as   highlight feature,   citation   feature,   bibliography   feature,   bookshelf   feature,...


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