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Argument for Responsible Parenthood

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Argument for Responsible Parenthood

Picture this. A hardworking, loving father comes back from work. He promises to help his son with his homework at 6. But first he takes an exhilarating trip on his motorcycle. He’s not home by 6. His family can’t contact him. Finally at 9 they get a phone call. He’s pronounced dead at hospital from severe head injuries. The cause? Clipping the side of a car at over 100mph on his motorcycle.
  Now, this may seem like an extreme example of what can happen to a irresponsible parent. But this kind of incident is all to common in the congested roads of today.
  Parenthood brings responsibilities. You need to stay alive and be a good role model. Any hedonistic activities such as motorcycling, trekking or even protesting can cause severe damage to your family. Motorcycling not only has a high risk of death but can encourage your children to emulate you and therefore put them in danger. Trekking can leave your children fatherless or motherless for weeks and if taken along they could be subject to disease, murder or rape. Finally protesting, which may seem innocent enough can be very deceiving. Small protesting is fairly safe but large movements could get a parent involved in a riot. This opens possibilities of injury and arrest. Could you live with yourself if you went to jail and left your child alone?
  An expert on these issues Sheila Wolfendale, Professor of educational psychology and grandmother also supports these views saying, ‘Parenthood means that decision-making in all aspect of life has to be more considered.’
  If it is a must for a parent to get their thrills there are some suggested activities. Parachuting feels and is safe because you have expert support to guide you and parachutes rarely malfunction. Bungee jumping, although similar is not advised. A few more suggestions would be paintball, rock climbing (indoors) and small scale go-karting.


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