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British system of education
The British educational system consists of four basic levels. The first one is called primary education. This level contains pre - schools and junior schools.
Pre - schools are represented mainly by kindergartens and by very similar infant schools. In these institutions children learn some basic counting, painting, songs. They are also getting to know the principles of social behavior there.
At the age of seven children start to attend junior school. This type of school is comparable to the first grade of our primary schools. Children learn writing, reading, counting and some basic facts about their country there.
There is one more type of school, called just first school. It’s something between pre – school and junior school, it’s for children from five to ten.
At the age of eleven children go to the second level of ed. system – secondary education. We distinguish three basic types of schools here. Comprehensive schools – they are large, pupils get general knowledge there. Similar are secondary modern schools. In grammar schools is education more academic. The system in these schools is based more on student’s abilities. At sixteen students are passing the GSCE – general certificate of secondary education zero level, which is the finishing examination of secondary ed. In the next two years they can pass the GCSE A, which allows them to go to university.
The third level is called further education. Into this level belong tertiary colleges, six-form colleges and the top two classes of grammar and comprehensive schools.
Higher education, the fourth level, contains mainly universities. After studies at universities students get Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, and further Ph.D.
United States system of education
The age of school attendance is from 7 to 16 (or from 6 to 18) years. Every child gets minimum 13 years of education. School years in the USA are called grades and the whole attending is divided into...


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