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Extending School Hours

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Felicia Reed 3/22/10

Most people think that kids need to stay in school for at least 8 hours each day.   I feel this is not necessary and here are my reasons.

Being in school for 8 hours can sometimes being very boring, after lunch kids get tired and after recess we need a break from all of it.   I mean when we get to school we have to learn math, reading, writing and social studies and sometimes it get boring even for the smart kids.

If you took a poll and asked every kid in the world they would agree with what I am saying.   Parents and teacher would disagree, because they think the longer kids are in school the more they are learning.   The more learning we do the more homework we are going to have.   That is another reason why I think kids need to leave school earlier.   A lot of kids have to travel a long way to get home and by the time we get home do all the homework it’s time to go to bed and there is no time to have fun.

I also feel maybe kids would want to stay in school longer if the teachers made the subjects a little bit more exciting and interesting.   Some of the teachers act like they don’t care whether we learn the subjects or not.   Maybe going on more field trips would be nice too, instead of being in a hot classroom all day.
But most of all I feel us kids need to enjoy the time while we still have it that why I thinks kids should go home early.


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