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Globalization 24

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Globalisation is a process whereby national boundaries become increasingly stretching social relations that cultural, economic and political processes in society are gradually more stretched across nation-state boundaries. The events and decisions taking place on one side of the world have a significant impact on the other.
The international monetary fund defines globalisation as “the growing economic interdependence, through the increase volume cross border transactions in goods, services and also a rapid wide spread diffusion of technology.”
Hamralambos (2004: 31)

However Ohmae (1991) and skair (2001) as cited in Haralambos (2004) can be placed in the same categories both writers emphasis on the way in which National State have lost power due to globalisation.

Also surveillance supervision of the population in the political sphere as cited in Giddens (1990) military power concerns ‘the control of the means of violence in the context of the industrialisation of war.
Anthony Giddens does offer a compromise he believes that globalisation has taken place which disagrees with Hirst and Thompson. However he believes it is not the extreme as Ohame and Sklair describes.
(2004: 981)
The effects of globalisation on developed countries which have high gross domestic products and industrialisation, countries in which the tertiary and quaternary sectors of industry dominate being described with an economic measure and national.
Israel is a small country with a challenging strategic environment; industries have produced goods and services that are demanded worldwide. Globalisation has offered opportunities that allowed them to improve the people a standard of living.
Corner G (2003)
Jamaica’s economy relies on tourism heavily, high interest rates, increased foreign competition, sliding exchange rate has long term serious effects. Jamaica maintains the view that the current structure is undemocratic and does not reflect...


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