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Why Did War Erupt in 1939

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Why Did War Erupt in 1939?
By Sidra Kader 91, S3

        War erupted in 1939 for a multitude of reasons. There are long-term reason which are the Treaty of Versailles, the American Policy of Isolation, the Rise of the Dictators and the Wall Street Crash, these all had a significant effect on why war erupted in 1939, however there are also many mid-term causes that also help lead to World War Two, these are; the Failure of the League of Nations and Hitlers’ words Nationalism. The short-term effects that led to the eruption of war in 1939 are Hitler’s actions Imperialism, Hitler’s actions Militarism, Hitler’s actions alliances and appeasement and finally the trigger cause which was the invasion of Poland. War mainly erupted in 1939 due to Adolf Hitler’s power hungry nature which can be seen as revengeful and bloodthirsty; this led to many short-term causes near the start of the war such as appeasement and imperialism.
          To begin with, one of the main long-term causes of World War two was the treaty of Versailles. The treaty of Versailles was drawn up in Paris 1919 by the victorious countries from World War one. The treaty was supposed to be a peace settlement to make sure war did not occur again. However in reality it was a punishment drawn up for the defeated nations. This can be seen be the terms of the treaty, also many of the terms were concerned about revenge; the terms were to strip Germany of it’s colonies and in turn give them to Britain, France and other countries, another term of the treaty was that Germany’s army was reduced to only one-hundred thousand men and that they could only bear six battleships as a part of their navy but they were no longer allowed to construct any submarines, aeroplanes or tanks. In addition, another term was that Germany had to pay six million thousand pounds in repairs to countries that had won the war such as France and England then Germany had to demilitarize the Rhineland which is an area between the Dutch and...


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