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The Benefits and Consequences When Using Narcotic Prescription Medication
John Kelley
Course COM/220
April 16, 2010
Mark Hassenstab
Children at young ages claim they would never try, or become   addicted to drugs. At age eighteen, one finds him or herself with scattered feelings from narcotic prescriptions. It is no simple task to avoid taking the medication you have been prescribed by a doctor. One may identify with individuals with drug problems that may have crept into their life un-noticed. Horrific things occur on a regular basis like: overdosing, stealing for more drugs, (similar to prescription drugs), law interaction, and fatality is increasing a bit more. There are limited ways and many methods to help someone who is hooked on the prescription medication; these programs and information save lives. Everyday someone in pain easily gets pain killers, and many simply love the feeling that these medications provide. There are many highly dangerous and addictive narcotic prescription medications. While these drugs can be helpful for the seriously suffering people in the world; they may also ruin one’s life.
If these narcotic prescription drugs cause so many problems, why continue prescribing them? Many people are prescribed these types of medications for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons people are prescribed these medications is for their pain, anxiety, A.D.D, lack of sleep and some serious mental illnesses. Narcotics are a type of drug that is often referred to as opiates and is used to treat pain and anxiety. Narcotics are typically prescribed by a physician for patients who need temporary relief from pain and discomfort. Although not usually dangerous when administered by a physician in a medical setting, some people seek out to abuse narcotics to the point where they become debilitating and life-threatening. (ehow.com, para.1) Doctors can try to step up their efforts as much as possible but this is constantly on the rise. If someone is...


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