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"Here I am,take me as I am or suffer as you are and live with out my love." - Linwy

Queen Elizabeth

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´╗┐As I was making my way up the stairs to Vic's room I kept thinking on how I would find her, perhaps with her make up running down her cheeks after so many tears, or her hair all messed up into little tornadoes after spending the day in bed, or maybe she would just be sleeping. Victoria was such a surprising person that you never quite knew what to expect, not even after five years of friendship did you ever knew her the sufficient amount. Therefore as I came face to face to her pearl white bedroom door, for which she had fought without mercy, I preparerd myself to be the supportive friend who always knew the right things to say.  
This was a thing that I never got tired of doing no matter what, after all the years of sharing ice creams, late night phone calls, and break up advices from her part I hadn't yet figured out how to be the friend I knew she deserved. She never seemed to care if I said the right things, she was always unconditional and as long as she laughed all the bad things could be put on hold. I tried to eavesdrop first, even though I knew it wasn't right, I wanted to see if she was busy or perhaps some signal that might indicate me how to approach the situation. As I pressed my ear to the doors, I heard the whispers of the night, the silence of the wind it was as if in the other side there was nothing but the endless night and so I decided to take things slow. I took the doorknow with my left hand and pushed the door with the palm of my right hand and tried to open the door with the greatest care as possible in case she had fallen asleep.
It was not quite what my insticts were expecting, beyond the door there was nothing but darkness, at least thats what appeared at first because of the contrast of light and dark between the hallways and Victoria's room. But as my eyes adjusted to the darkness ahead of them I could make out Victoria's red head and her figure sitting on top of her queen size bed with her laptop sitting on her laps. Suddenly her...


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