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Put Forth a Theory on What It Means to Be Human and, as a Good Reader, Explain How We Might Read Frankenstein as an Example of This Theory.

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Final Project : FRANKENSTEIN

Question 4: Put forth a theory on what it means to be human and, as a good reader, explain how we might read Frankenstein as an example of this theory.
      You may use any philosophical stance : To err is to be human, to forgive divine. All knowledge is sorrow
    The strutcure of the mind in Freudian terms
    The biblical story of Adam and Eve
    Darwinian evolution
      Be able to ground you theory in a system of thought, or a story, or a metaphor, that may not be stated directly in the novel.

The well-known definition we all know of ourselves is: A human being is any living or extinct member of the family Hominidae characterized by superior intelligence, articulate speech, and erect carriage.
What does this mean? Is this the complete definition? Is this all? Are we that simple to define?
Questions, one of the many things we have created, in order to try and classify all the mysterious elements which, not only exist around us, but also are in our own bodies, and souls.
Our fear of the unknow is sometimes attempted to be solved by humans, such as Freud, who believe we have an Ego and a Super Ego, also a conscious soul and an unconscious one.
Definitions, a statement of the meaning of a word, or a phrase. Another creation, this time, to define, and have the feeling we do know what surrounds us.
Furthermore, let us face reality; We are creatures whose birth has been put in place by an unknown force since the beginning of times through an extremely complicated system and, after an undetermined amount
of time, this system weakens, stops functioning and the soul which inhabited the body leaves. Where does it go? Once more, we are incapable of telling more than this, and even what we know is not clear.
Unkwown force, undetermined amount... What does it mean to be human?
Arguments could be the only way to try and answer this question, sometimes contradictory ones, but as Bertrand...


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