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Many people view censorship as a good thing, that some things should not be seen or heard publicly. There are certain things that need to be censored, things of an obscene or indecent nature. By definition, indecent means: not decent; especially: grossly unseemly or offensive to manners or morals." courses/spring98/students/fabfive/procensorship.html. This means swearing, inappropriate dialogue, nudity, inappropriate literature, and so forth. While inappropriate music has parental advisory stickers, "they are both wrong and ineffective, just because the music has a sticker doesn't mean children can't purchase it, it only lets the parents know it is not appropriate if, if, we see it." [Not long ago broadcast giant ABC aired a pre-game teaser that included a naked Nicolette Sheridan a football player (Terrell Owens), and a very skilled camera man who kept the nudity acceptable, at least by some standards. What happened was;""Nocolette Sheridan, Edie on ABC's TV hit "Desperate Housewives," strips for Terrell Owens at the start of November 15, 2004's edition of "Monday Night Football."" http://primetimetv .about.com/od/ desperatehousewives /v/desperate_mnf.htm. Children watch this program expecting a sporting event, and get a raunchy woman who can't keep her towel on for a star athlete, outrageous. Rappers are no better; their music is terrible for a young child to hear. Eminem, a chart topping rapper speaks of killing, throwing up, and can't speak two lines without the "f" or "s" words. These things are inappropriate for everyone, but juveniles at most.
Those against censorship in our lives have many points, also. Censorship holds us down; it contains our thoughts and feelings, keeping expression of true thoughts to a minimum. The actual definition of censorship is: "Prevention of disturbing or painful thoughts or feelings from reaching consciousness except in a disguised form" [www.dictionary.com]. So, in easier terms, it is the not allowing things that can be...


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