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Pakistani Punjabi Cinema

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The cinema of Pakistan refers to Pakistan's film industry. Most of the feature films shot in Pakistan are in Urdu language but may also include films in Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi or Sindhi languages. It is all mainly in Lahore and fondly they call it Lollywood on the line of Bollywood. Before partition in 1947, Lahore was a major film center where as early as the 1920s silent movies were made. The first film of Pakistan was made by Mr. Lal, released in 1948, Teri Yaad in Urdu language. It didn't succeed at box office but Lahore kept going on. The very next venture was in Punjabi named Pharey in 1949. After that the journey of Punjabi cinema continued and never looked back.
Punjabi films audience had been mainly rural but with great growth of cities in Punjab Pakistan of 70s and 80s.There was a time in Punjabi films up to possibly mid 70s when the quality was still ok but after that it began to deteriorate much. Strangely Pakistani politics is always poking its nose in film people's life and constantly pressuring them to do this and that. This has caused major damage to the growth of Pakistani and in particular Punjabi cinema.

General Zia deposed Bhutto and the things were not bright after that for Pakistani films as he virtually killed the cinema. Many movies were re-shot because of the ban on excessive romance etc. By 70s films in Lahore became too commercial and producers had to coop with few talented actors.   Punjabi cinema has changed its shape with the passage of time. We will look here what sort of changes has been observed over the years.
Change in trends according to Genre:
                        Topics and themes of Punjabi films have never been same through out the history of 60 years. Every decade has over shadow by different film genre; which are as follows:
Era of 50s:
        Pakistani films were entertaining the masses and were reflective of changing socio-economic trends. During the 50s, society was overwhelmingly agrarian and...


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