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Social Networks

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Paraphrase of Andie Wurster’s
“Wont You Be My Friendster?”
In Andie Wurster’s essay “Wont You Be My Friendster?” Wurster talks about how online social networks like Facebook and MySpace “…inevitably cropped up” (543). A great number of her friends were actively involved in the networks’ activities like posting pictures and updating their profile status. Initially, she views these networks as irrelevant and unrealistic and had intentions to never have anything to do with them until her inquisitiveness finally paves way for her to join the cycle of online social networks.
After this leap from being detached to being caught up with these networks, Wurster finds out that though some of her criticisms about these networks are true, the networks are not as bad as she thought. She believes these sites are to make people look better than they really are and she establishes the fact that these networks accomplish their task in all ramifications as people are allured by the “look-at-me attitude” (543) they impose. However, they help provide a unique way for people who already know each other to develop a greater understanding of one another’s personality through responses to post and “byte-sized lists of likes and dislikes” (544).
In addition, Wurster informs her readers that these networks provide optimum means for people to communicate internationally. Instead of being open to some particular people from one locality, users can meet people from different places around the world with diverse cultures and backgrounds and develop good rapport with each other; which strongly helps people broaden their view of life.
Furthermore, she explains that these networks help break communication hurdle and boosts activities within our physical environment. People are invited for various events through these networks and use the opportunity to improve ordinary online friendships. She gives an example of a “…private listening party for a band’s soon-to-be-released album” (544) she...


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