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Hanan Al Belushi

Title: Physical Inactivity
1. The general nature of the topic. How does it link to other subject areas?

          Health, which cannot be purchased, is one of the most precious properties to human beings. For example, without it humans cannot enjoy life even if they are rich, and they cannot lead a productive and worthy life. If an individual were paid millions of dollar to sell his or her health, he or she would deny that without hesitation. “One thing is sure; you don’t miss something till you lose it,” as Alejandro (2008) mentions in a website article entitled, ” Your Health is your First Responsibility”. Some people do not appreciate heath unless they become ill.   After experiencing some diseases, they become conscious of their heath and attempt to prevent health problems by changing life styles- engaging in physical activities. Nevertheless, there are people who are not concerned about their bodies’ need for physical exercise; they are ignorant and unconscious about the importance of exercise. Physical inactivity is the topic that will be discussed in this research paper.  
        This research topic is linked to three subjects such as psychological, physical and academic areas. Firstly, it is related to psychology in terms of how physical activity can play a vital role in changing individuals’ feelings such as stress and depression and how it can be one of the reasons for ignoring physical exercises. Secondly, it is connected to   physical area; for example in terms of how physical exercise can   help people to maintain a healthy life and it may be a barrier that prevents people from physical activity. Thirdly, it is linked to academic life in terms of how it can improve students’ academic performance at school and how it might be one of the barriers that lead to physical inactivity.

2. Why I am personally interested in this topic?

                I am interested   in this topic for several reasons. Last summer, as...


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