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Causes of World War I

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Causes of World War I
BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Those were the shots that broke the silence in the Sarajevo air on June 28, 1914. Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, had been assassinated. (Moll) This was the spark to World War I. There were many causes of the war, but there are three factors that were the main causes. One, being nationalism; two, alliances between European nations; and the third factor that played a primary role in causing conflict, is imperialism.
Nationalism is a devotion to ones own nation, and is a cultural perspective of World War I. Nationalism quickly spread throughout Europe causing many problems. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina had the desire to be part of other Slavic nations, and wanted to separate from Austria-Hungary. (Roider)
Alliances between European nations is another cause of World War I. This is a cultural perspective of World War I. The Triple Entente, which was formed between Britain, France and Russia, was made as a result of the Triple Alliance, which was formed between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. France and Britain’s fear of Germany brought them together with Russia, although they were enemies. The countries in each alliance would be there for each other during conflict.   For instance, if Britain attacked Italy, then Germany and Austria-Hungary would help Italy. (Doerr)

This World War I recruiting poster was a way that the government used marketing to get people to join the army, just like advertisements get teenagers to buy soda, today. (Sam)

The major cause of World War I, is imperialism, which is an economical perspective. France and Russia were going to develop a railway, which was going to be a major source of trade and transportation of goods and supplies. Germany had the chance to try and defeat France and Russia before they gained more power and could no longer conquer them. (Willmott) Governments made new businesses to make sure goods and other necessities were available to the war...


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