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Charles Tahan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, STS201: “Nanotechnology and Society”

Science and Technology Studies 201, Section 84405

Nanotechnology and Society

Meets: M, W, F (9:55 – 10:45) in Rm 234, Education Building, Spring ‘05 Credits: 3 Instructor: Charlie Tahan, Physics Department, Wisconsin-Madison Office: 1202 Sterling Hall (Physics) or 6321 Social Sciences Office Hours: 11-12pm MWF in 6321 Social Sciences Course Website: http://tahan.com/charlie/nanosociety/course201/

Essay Assignments
Essay #1: Due Monday, January 31, 2005 Essay #1 STS 201, 84405: Nanotechnology and Society, Tahan Due: Monday, January 31 You are interviewing for a job at McKinsey, a prestigious consulting firm that hires only the best. During your interview you mention that you have some experience thinking about the societal implications of technology, specifically nanotechnology. Seeing a possible avenue for future growth, your interviewer asks you to go home and write a two to three-page executive summary (double spaced) defining nanotechnology (which she, a non-scientist, can understand) and postulating on specific areas where McKinsey may be able to do nano-consulting in the future. You must really impress her to get the job. Include references and pay attention to writing style and clarity. She will almost certainly ask someone in the company who knows nanotechnology to review your work, so be sure of your facts. Consider why nanotechnology may be a good area for McKinsey to build some expertise in. Essay #2: Due Monday, March 7, 2005 Essay #2 STS 201, 84405: Nanotechnology and Society, Tahan Due: Monday, March 7 Does nanotechnology have politics? Make your case, for or against, using the articles by Langdon Winner (Forms of Life, Artifacts), Leo Marx, Kline and Pinch, and Cousins and Woodhouse, as well as the science related resources we’ve used in class (Understanding Nano,

Charles Tahan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, STS201: “Nanotechnology and Society”...


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