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Sub Saharan America
Feb. 18th
To what extent should we consider missionaries and explorers “agents of European colonialism” in Africa?
Christian Mission
  Largely based on western coast of Africa
      South Africa; long history of European settlement
      Very little progress made due to the fact that they have not   made any progress towards inner Africa
    Church Missionary Society-1799
  Organized Christian missionary work all over the work
      1806-CMS missionaries are visible in Africa
      Spread Christianity
    Missionary Activities
  Spreading the gospel, preach
      Opened schools
      Ngasobil Mission, Senegal; European building
    Africans response to missionaries
  Early skepticism
      No urgency to convert; were happy with religion
      Some leaders saw Christianity as a threat
      Some people did convert
      Most often the ones that were receptive remained polytheistic
      Marginal social status were first to accept missionaries
      Less than 1% of Africans converted by the 1880
      By the 1960’s there were approximately 50 million Christians   in Africa
  James Bruce and Mungo Park
      Rene Caillie
      Kano- Hienrich Barth
      John Hanning Speke
      Henry Morton Stanley
    Feb 23rd
The Scramble for Africa
  Colonialism emerged out of European diplomatic issues
      Period of high industrialism in Europe; competition for raw   material
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      Both reasons not enough to explain colonial rule
      Discovery of diamonds in 1869
      Europeans were no longer satisfied with the trade process   between themselves and Africa.
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      End of 19th century missionaries, merchants and European...


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