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Darkness in Heart of Apocalypse

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Darkness in Heart of Apocalypse
‘’Heart of Darkness’’ by Joseph Conrad and ‘’Apocalypse Now’’ by Francis Coppola contain some similarities in many aspects in the categories such as ‘civilization’, ‘insanity’, and ‘savage culture’. They both basicly deal with a man’s journey for finding himself and realizing his own identiy by forcing to ‘horror’. In the novel and the film the main idea centers around the fact that; how human soul is changed, goes from sanity to insanity, from lightness to darkness and how humans can become uncivilized, savage under the name of being civilized. Thus; we can understand how the evil side of humans come out when they come into contact with uncivilized culture even though they are civilized.
First of all; in the novel we encounter with Kurtz who once was considered an honoroble man, but he changed a lot when he separeted from his own culture. Kurtz becomes a man who transforms into a ruthless animal . ın the novel; Kurtz set out for Africa in order to bring civilization to native people, but in time; during his life in dark jungle, he shifts from a civilized person to brutal man who kils lots of African people, and becomes brutal like them. So; from this point of view; the more he makes Africans suffer, the more he loses his soul, identity. He finally faces with his own tragic downfall . In te jungle, he discovers his evil side. Even though he is accepted as God, and everything is under Kurt’z reign, he loses his identity by his power. So; the darkness in the jungle and the circumstances he is living in, are all make him both accepted as God, and make him go insane.
when compared to the Apocalypse Now, we find Kurtz who is corrupted by horror, but this time he is a sane , successful leader respected very well, but he is corrupted by the horror of war and the cultures he met, and Kurt’z problem in the movie is the military. The film is about war, rather than being colonization. In the film; Kurtz is the commander,and he is...


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