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As many human beings think to know witchcraft as being an activity involving

spells and potions, as others think of it to be an ugly old lady on a broomstick, flying

through the sky on a halloween night. But what exactly is witchcraft and how is this an

unsolved mystery?

Witchcraft is known to be the use of magical powers to influence people and

events, such as using spells or forms of sorcery to harm or help others around. Witchcraft

was known to be a special tradition to groups of people in Europe and parts of America in

the 1300's. This tradition was too help heal others by using herbs and plants. Most people

thought that by using these herbs and plants to heal, it would cause harm to people,

otherwise using witchcraft. People who are known to use this,   are labeled as 'witches'. It's

come to my mind to be an unsolved mystery because there's no real evidence of 'witches'

causing harm to others or the disappearences of people, or evidence of any potions and

spells actually working on a living, breathing creature, just killing them because of the

harmful chemicals used to make   these potions. So to me, no one really knows how to

correctly work this 'magic' or what makes people believe this is something that's true in our

world today. In my unsolved mystery essay, I will be discussing a few things, the believers

side plus the nonbelievers, Salem Village, The sacarifices of being witch, and also what my

opinion is on this unsolved mystery. So, first off, what exactly do the believers believe?

Believers of witchcraft and witches today, are more involved in doing what

witches then did and try to do what they did themselves despite the fact of having them

sacraficed. Some   modern witches are more involved in voodoo dolls, love spells, and

potions too ease pain or make others suffer. If you label yourself as a 'witch' regular people

will think of you as weirdos, rather than wanting...


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