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      Man! I had some good times at this school, Gene said as he

reminisced about past times at Devon. Finny was his best friend at

Devon but they had completely opposite personalities, you’d

never expect them to come that close. Finny is so much better than

Gene in so many ways and he doesn’t even try. Gene envies the

way Finny excels in academics, sports, and how he gets away with

every thing.

    Finny does excellent in all most everything he does, like in

sports. He excels in almost every athletic thing he participates in.

“you always win at sports” Knowles pg. 912. Also Phineas has

good grades, and doesn’t even try that hard. “ You think you have

done enough already” Knowles pg. 923. No matter what Finny

does wrong he never seems to get in trouble for it. “Are you really

going to wear that to the deans tea” Knowles pg.931. those are some

characteristics that make Phineas a unique person.

    Gene works hard at every thing he does, especially academics.

Gene cares about his grades and works hard at it. “I didn’t think

you needed to study” Knowles pg. 922. Gene is also terribly un-

athletic, which is one of the reasons why he envies Finny. “ Ill just

be crew manager so I don’t have to do sports”. Jealousy is also

another one of Genes problems, it even causes him to hurt his best

friend. “I want to be just like him”. Those are some traits that let you

know a little bit about Gene.

    Finny and Gene are completely opposite, but they are the best

of friends. They feel completely different about athletics, grades,

and their attitudes. By reading this paper, you now know a little bit

about the main characters in the story A Separate Peace. Hopefully

this paper will lead you to read the story.

Knowles, John. A Separate Peace. Elements of literature fourth

                                  Course. Austin, 1992.



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