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Steroids and the Lethal Effects                        
Steroids are natural compounds that help to regulate certain body functions such as muscle enhancers.   There are two types of steroids, anabolic and body enhancement.   Which one of these are drastically crucial to your health?   Both are extremely damaging to your body and even your future.
here are may definite and disaffirmed effects of steroids, both long and short term.   You can damage your liver tremendously.   The chemicals in steroids damage the liver cells from trying to break down the toxicity and wastes found in steroids.   You can also develop water retention, this is the most common from using steroids.   Steroids dehydrate you, they take a lot of water from your body in order for them to start working.   Cardiovascular disease is a very serious disease.   Steroids affect the cholesterol levels.   In time the cholesterol builds   up and clogs the arteries.   We need our heart to survive, It’s what keeps are blood pumping day in and day out.   The US Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration found that 1,084,000 Americans, or 0.5 percent of the adult population, said that they had used anabolic steroids.   Don’t put your self at risk, don’t be one of those 1,084,000 Americans.  
f there are so many contingencies with taking steroids why do professional athletes take them? Steroids are cheating.   Anyone can take a needle and inject testosterone and muscle enhancers into them, the challenge is working at what you want a natural way.   Drinking protein, eating right, getting eight to ten hours of sleep each night.   Is that too hard to do?   Do you ever wonder where some professional athletes would be without steroids?
Athletes take steroids to increase performance.   That could mean improving

Homeruns, getting faster, scoring more points in a game, or even for the lean muscular looks.   It’s disgusting and despairing to know one of my heroes took steroids.   I looked up to this...


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