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Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

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Why Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

People can debate over this issue for minutes, hours, even days, but they never get anywhere with sway the government to change the laws on marijuana. This had been an issue amongst the nation for decades. Many believe that it should be legalized again, like it was back in the old days, but with government regulations. While others believe it is just immoral and should be illegal and violators should be prosecuted to the full extent. Still there are other who are either unaware of the situation or just do not care about it. I will be showing you why marijuana should remain illegal.
The main argument for legalization of marijuana is that it is no more dangerous than cigarettes, which is speculative, and at its worst dead wrong, it is said that five joints over the period of a weeks is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes in one day. The only victory weed enthusiast have gotten, is the legalization of marijuana for medical uses. Most doctors agree that prolonged usage of marijuana does dim the brain, but it still has very many medical uses. Some people just fail to see the bad side effects of marijuana use, such as: anxiety, paranoia, short term memory loss, psychotic symptoms which many need emergency help. Not to mention that if you are to smoke and then go and drive, or even drive while smoking marijuana, many of the skills necessary to be a safe driver are affected, including alertness, concentration, coordination and reaction time. It may also affect your ability to judge distances of upcoming stop lights or stop signs. These side effects do not only last as long as the high, but may last up to 24 hours of smoking the marijuana. While all the long term affects of marijuana usage are not known, findings THC, the chemical in marijuana, play a role in cancer, problems in the respiratory system, immune system, and reproductive system. It is not proven that marijuana alone causes cancer, because individuals that use...


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