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Photography How to Make a Contac T Sheet

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How to make a contact sheet
  1. Put dust coat on and remove plastic from enlarger

  2. Turn on safe light, exhaust, enlarger and timer

  3. Set timer on 2 second bursts

  4. Set out chemicals in trays and put out tongs

  a. Developer 1:9

  b. Stop Bath

  c. Fixer

  5. Fill sink with water

  6. Get glass sheet and a piece Collect photography paper and cut test strips

  7. Set aperture on 5.6 seconds from brightest

  8. Place paper on enlarger base, negative   on top(both shiny side up) then place the glass on top of that

  9. Expose test strip to 2 second bursts in thin layers using the sheet of cardboard

  10. Process

  11. View in tray outside then put back in the wash

  12. Re set timer to the time that had the best tonal range(

  13. Place another piece of paper onto the enlarger base, negative on top and glass on top of that

  14. Expose for set tone and process.

How to make a test strip for a proof or larger image
  1. Choose which negative under white light

  2. Place the negative in the negative carrier shiny side up with the image reversed

  3. Make sure that the light is not on in the enlarger and re-insert the negative carrier

  4. Set the timer to 2 second bursts

  5. Set the enlarger to the desired size, leaving white borders

  6. Turn on the safe light

  7. Turn on the white light

  8. Making sure your paper is away (hidden) turn on the enlarger light

  9. Fully open the aperture of the lens

  10. Adjust the length of the enlarger head to create the desired image size

  11. Focus your image

  12. Shut the lens down two F stops to F5.6

  13. Decide on an area with good tonal range to use for your test strip

  14. Turn off the enlarger light and place your paper in position

  15. Expose the test strip in this layers using a cardboard sheet

  16. Process the strip and decide on the best exposure time


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