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Black's Subjugation

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The struggle of equality through the achievement of having full civil rights has always been the road of minorities and other non-Anglo races in America.   Being accepted by the nation’s people is always a challenge for people coming to a new nation seeking citizenship. Some come by choice, others were forced to come, while yet others were lured to America by the illusion of all the riches to be made by just being ambitious, but as non-Anglos in America looked for equality none would help.   The non-Anglo groups would have to first unite and then find white elites that would support them in the quest for civil rights in America. Two groups standout as struggle for civil rights in America, first the blacks (and other non-Anglo races) and women.

      The black struggle needs some background first. 1619 slaves from black Africa were brought to America to be servants, farm hands and help maids.   Then US history and black liberation history collide, 1865 the 13th amendment abolishing slavery is made official.   This ended slavery but this did not mean that blacks had to be treated civil by any means. But in 1867 the 14th amendment equal right for all men did little to help the cause of gaining civil rights for the blacks.   In 1875 the civil rights act was passed but again with little impact on how everyday life was “equal”.   At this time in the South segregation was enacted by law, segregation was applied in education, housing, employment, public and private accommodations.   When challenged and taken to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court upheld segregation and said it was “a valid exercise of the legislative power”.

      The black movement for civil rights really has two parts the first above the legislative power making laws but with these laws they were separate but not equal.   The second part is the large black proactive population of the US.   The blacks would now use the law to try and fight for civil rights.   This is when the National Association for the...


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