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The Country of China

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Welcome to China!   China is the world’s third largest country by land size and is part of the continent of Asia.   It is the world’s largest country by population.   China has almost one-fifth of the world’s total population. China has great places to visit such as Mount Everest and the Great Wall of China.   China is socialist country ruled by the Communist Party.
There are many languages used in China, but the main language is Mandarin which is spoken and used fluently by about 53% of the country.   Other important languages in China include Wu, Min, Cantonese, Jin, along with several others.  
Since China is under Communist rule religion is very limited and not encouraged.   The main religions in China are Buddhism and Taoism.   There are also many atheists but very few Christians.   Other small religions are Moslems, Hindu, Bon, and Falun Gong.
China has the fastest growing major economy in the world.   It’s annual growth is more than 10 percent.   Since China is a socialist republic it’s economy is mainly capitalist.   The largest part of China’s economy is industrial and agricultural.   China is one of the world’s largest producers of cotton and silk.   Other agricultural crops include rice, wheat, and soy beans.   Twenty percent of the world’s tea supply comes from China. Think of how many things we see that say “Made in China.”   The currency of China is known as the Yuan.
The geography of China is interesting.   The area of the country China is 9.5 to 9.8 million square kilometers.   There are differences in the opinions of square kilometers because there are   border disputes between   the countries of China and India.   China’s border touches 14 other countries.   China has many different land forms.   The land forms include Mount Everest which is the world’s tallest mountain, the Taklimakan which is desert, to the Jungle of Guilin, as well as beaches.  
The country of China has many different climates.   The northern part of China has average winter temperatures...


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