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The Firt Day

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The First Day
In life, a person has many firsts. Whether it is the first time riding a bike, a first kiss, or a first car. People are constantly exposed to new experiences. This has been very true for me; I have had many new experiences adding to my “skill set.”   My most recent first time endeavor is taking a Tae Kwon Do class and learning the moves and oaths. It is very exciting and it is definitely the best class I have ever taken. The first day however, I did not know what to expect. I was very happy because I expected it to be awesome. I can still remember my feelings: the community building’s sensory attributes, the instructors, and the first time learning the moves.
It was a Wednesday in early January; I had finished all of my classes and waited until six-o-clock to depart for Tae Kwon Do class. Youn, Dayna, and I met at dinner and decided we should carpool. We left the mess hall and headed for Dayna’s car. When we arrived at the community building it was packed and we had trouble finding a place to park. We found a spot and we went inside and headed down the stairs to the room where the class was being held. We took a seat and observed as familiar faces walked in the door to join us. I looked out on the floor and students that had been taking the class for a long time sparred together. It was an impressive sight and I thought, “Whoa, I can’t believe I will get to do this.”
I can remember as I sat there, the noises made by those who were sparring, and seeing their cool suits. The air smelled and tasted musty like a locker room. I could feel the cold hard floor beneath my bare feet. I took a look at the instructors and I thought that they were going to be tough on us. Before I knew it, one of the instructors told us to stand up and ready ourselves to begin. Once told to do so, along with the others in the class, I proceeded to line up. I looked around. Everyone was lined up along the lines of the checkered floor in three rows of seven or eight people. I...


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