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Immigration Analyzed Sociologically

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“Immigration Analyzed Sociologically”
The article entitled “Growing Split in Arizona Over Immigration” by Randal C. Archibold was featured in the New York Times. This article focuses on the growing controversy of illegal immigrants in America and the new laws in the state of Arizona to deal with this problem. Newly passed laws in Arizona require individuals suspected of being an illegal immigrant to show proof of legal status. The author interviewed an illegal immigrant who stated that he shopped in the stores of the community and provide cheap labor to the residents and still the people want them to be arrested and deported. Others being interviewed in the article argue that illegal immigration was the cause of community crimes and the depletion of jobs in the United States. The author is informing the reader about this new law in Arizona and also to compare it to the national controversy and the political feud pertaining to illegal immigration. The author used interviews from liberal, conservative, and moderate citizens of the state of Arizona to voice their opinions and also to support the claim of the article. The author concludes that the federal government is not doing enough to address the problem of illegal immigration and implies that it is up to the state to address the issue on a state level government. Throughout the article, it seems as if the writer is purposely avoiding social analysis of the topic on immigration. The author does not address the sociological aspects of the topic. This is because the article mostly focuses on the informative aspects of illegal immigration and the perspectives of the citizens who feel that they are being directly affect by the problem. Although immigration and the affects of it are easily discussed sociologically, rarely is the topic address in the sociological perspective. Immigration issues commonly considered to be political. Sociologically, the issue many people have with immigration can be explained though...


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