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The American Revoultion

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BOOM! BANG! BANG! BOOM! The shots are fired, the men are in there lines and swords are draw out from the hip. Yelling, screaming and heavy breathing carry out on the bloody field. No one believes in us and no one has faith we can beat the strongest army in the world but we do believe we can and we do believe we could thrash them. Every man on this field has a family and a home, a mother and a father and that’s why we are here, to fight for them and those who couldn’t. Our hearts and eyes are hungry for victory and our feet will not stop running until this land is ours. Not just for now or for the next 100 years, we fight until this land is our forever. This is the American Revolution.
The causes of the revolution come from many different sources. To set it off was the French & Indian war or the Seven Years’ war. This war affected Britain’s finance heavily by putting them into great debt. Britain tried relieving these debts by greatly taxing the 13 colonies. The results of this act cause upsets and new ideas. The ideas of the Enlightenment crawled into the minds of American leaders, especially those written by John Locke. John Locke belief in natural rights and the book of Two Treatises of Government swayed them to have a limited monarchy. Now, Americans were fight to have representation in parliament.
A different cause was the Proclamation of 1763. The proclamation from King George III stated that the colonist weren’t allowed to live on the west of the Appalachian Mountains. A lot that of the colonists purchased land west of the Appalachian Mountains and/or received land grants for the participation during the French & Indian war by the proclamation this upset many colonists. Many west settlers ignored the “Proclamation line”. The following year, Parliament issued the Sugar Act and Currency Act. By this time, Samuel Adams formed a Committee of Correspondence which was colonists that spread propaganda and information throughout letters. Within the next 8 years,...


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