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Ending of the Netherlands

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Problem: LAUSD cut the teachers salary
Solution: Ask the government to pay the teachers money making it worse. The government goes into debt ask other countries for money and get into more debt because they can’t pay them back on how the economy turned out. Soon a war breaks out from other countries and it’s the beginning of the world ending.
Limeta, 1

The Ending of the Netherlands
Ivan Limeta
ID# 209121
English 101-A1
Mr. Stolz

Welcome to The Netherlands, today’s date November 23rd, 2060. The world has

changed in 50 years new transportation, schools are built everywhere, and the economy

has been struggling for many years. New technologies have developed cloning, finding

cures for cancer, and new jobs have been developing to make hiring easier. The

economy 50 years ago was horrible it has solved it problems and has enough money for

the world   no businesses haven’t gone out of business, nobody lost their jobs, and the

economy hasn’t fall itself since then. But there is one problem that has been going on for

a while. Los Angles Unified School District has been cutting down teacher’s salary. With

that some teachers have been quitting their jobs because of the way they are being

paid. Stewie is a teacher at Freemont High School, in this time Stewie is struggling

because they have cut down his salary.

Now the governments is thinking about borrowing money from other countries to

pay teachers their salary so that way all schools can keep there teachers and not have to

close down schools. Stewie is teaching in his class when suddenly he gets a call from the

principal’s office.

Limeta, 2

Sound from the speaker comes on, “Mr. Stewie, please report to the principal’s office”

Stewie, “I’m on my way; I’ll be there in five minutes.”

As Stewie walks in he, runs into Bryan another teacher who teaches biology. Bryan is

talking about how everyone is getting a raise for trying to keep the teachers....


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