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Comparing the New Deal and Great Society

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The New Deal came about in the third year of the Great Depression. At the time FDR was inaugurated in March 1933, unemployment had reached a level of over 30%. This was in a time, when the majority of married women worked in the home, instead of in the group who received a weekly wage for their labor. The New Deal took this country rather sharply to the left of center. The Federal government was taking responsiblity for relief, and the re-employment of the population. It also closed the Banks, in order to provide a "breather" to try to alleviate the panic that caused so many to withdraw their money. In this time, the government, not private business, reviewed the practices and books of the banks and determined who should (and could) reopen. It established a Civilian Conservation Corps, intended to take young men, who were out of work and not attending school, off the streets and put them somewhere where this youthful energy could be put to good use, rather than have them get into trouble. To critics, it seemed a paramilitary force was being created.
      The National Recovery Act was the keystone of the New Deal. It's goal was to review the practices in business and industry and create a more efficient and productive industrial base. This would, in turn, re-employ the workforce, and make our industry competitive with others around the world. It started on these practical reviews, but it also got a little silly. Imagine a government team reviewing the performance of exotic dancers, and advising them on how they could improve their productivity. This happened, though I wonder how this assignment got made, whether it was supposed to be a joke or what. The opponents, and this ultimately included a majority of the Supreme Court, thought the NRA went too far. It was declared unconstitutional. The President responded with his "court packing plan" that tried to increase the number of justices on the bench. It didn't work.This, along with the Tennessee Valley Authority,...


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