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African Societies

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Chapter 3 : Early African Societies and the Bantu Migrations

          The early agricultural society in Africa belongs to Egypt. The geography economy favorable Egypt and made it the most dominant states in Africa in the ancient time. The Climate changed in Africa at 5000 BCE forced many peoples to Settled at Nile River which belongs to Egypt today. The Nile River provided water supply, and it was the key for Egypt successful.
          In 3100 BCE, Egypt established a kingdom under Pharaoh Menes. They build a powerful army than any states around it. Written language with pictures introduced to public and stone architectures gained popularity. Around 1674 BCE, Hyksos, a foreign state invaded Egypt and successful captured Memphis. After a while, the nobles of Egypt organized an army and pushed the Hyksos out of the country. After the war, Egypt developed into a new kingdom and their economic was much improves than before. In 1100 BCE, Egypt force retreated from Nubian because Nubian was powerful enough to invaded Egypt. The majority of traded between Egypt and Nubian located along Nile River. Women were more influence in Mesopotamia, they acted as regents in Egypt, and women in Nubian serve as queen, priest and scribbles. Bronze was important for both countries. However, tin and copper were more expensive because of their quality. The majority of people use sailboats, cart and donkey caravan to travel. Religion also developed and the principal of gods were sun gods Amon and Re. in addition, Nubian combine Egypt religions with their own.
        In 3000 BCE, Bantu, a group of people in sub-Saharan Africa slowly migrated into the African forest. They lived in clan-based villages and traded with hunting. The agricultural surplus caused them to moved land for agriculture. They used iron to developed iron weapons and become more involved in trade with other group. Bantu language later occupied most of Africa south of the equator.


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