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Chapter 12

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Anabel Pham
Business Chapters 10 &14
By: Anabel Pham
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Chapter 1o Money: Earning, spending, and managing it
Profile Questions Page: 232
  1. Home Hardware is quite different from stores like Revy and Home Depot because it likes to be in small to medium sized stores rather than “football size” stores.
  2. In the suburbs there are many families leading to many woman who are attracted to big box stores. Big box stores also have more discounts for families. It also appeals much more to females and usually is decorated to female appeal.
  3. Men are most likely to shop at Home Hardware stores because it is less crowded and has more ‘real’ home hardware things like construction tools and etc. However, females are more likely to be shopping at big-box stores because it attracts more to them and has more things than construction, like; kitchen supplies and décor.
A Questions Page: 237
  1. A legal tender is a source of payment for goods and services.
  2. The four functions of money are: medium of exchange, standard value, store of value and standard of future payment.
A Questions Page: 240
  1. The three sources of income are: allowances, employment income and others.
  2. Adults should give children allowances so they can: buy their own things without the constant nagging of parents, learn responsibility and money management.
A Questions Page: 252 #2

  1. Legal tender
  2. Minted
  3. Bank notes
  4. Counterfeiting
  5. Raised ink, called intaglio
  6. Iridescent maple leaves
  7. A hidden number
  8. Fluorescence
  9. Barter
  10. Medium of exchange
  11. Standard of value
  12. Store of value
  13. Standard of future payment
  14. Gross pay
  15. Net pay
  16. Comparison shopping
  17. Department stores
  18. Discount stores
  19. Guarantee
  20. Factory outlets
  21. Specialty stores
  22. Supermarkets
  23. Warehouse clubs


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