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Sociology of Education and Training

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Sociology of Education and Training
In the following essay I will discuss the topic of Stigmatisation and Discrimation, and through these topics I will discuss bullying in this assignment as I find the topic very interesting and also a huge problem in the educational setting in Ireland. Also I will discuss whom the problem effects and what the consequences are. Also I shall discuss what should be done to tackle this problem in the education setting.

    • Stigmatised individual may choose to stick with those of like stigma or to remove themselves from social contact altogether because ‘the immediate presence of normals’ may cause ‘self-hate and self-derogation…when only he and a mirror are about’ (Goffman, 1963: 18)

One area in which I am going to talk about is Homophobic bullying. Due to two reasons, one, I came ascross this when I was out on teching practice and two from my own personal experience as rumours in school was sometimes directed at me. This is huge problem in schools. Homophobic bullying has been reported in primary and secondary schools. It may be directed at young people of any sexual orientation and at children who have not yet reached puberty. Teachers, parents and other adults in schools may also be bullied in this way. The main problems of homophobic bullying in schools are that the children who experience it have their education disrupted. They may be unable to concentrate on lessons because of feelings of fear or anger. Their self-confidence may be

damaged and, as a result, they may never fulfill their academic potential. It can be a particular problem for teenagers who are confused or unsure about their own developing sexuality. This interrupts their education, as they cannot concentrate as they are left struggling with their confidence.

    • The standards stigmatised individuals have   ‘incorporated from the wider society equip him to be intimately alive to what others see as his failings’ (1963: 17-18)



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