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My Brother

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The Untold
The day it happened wasn’t dark and stormy like you read in horror books. That’s why it was such a surprise. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. What a great day, I thought as I walked down my road to my house on that sunny Friday afternoon. As I got closer to my house something looked different. The big window was open, my brother’s music was blaring and our car was gone. That window was never open- my Mum had a theory about it being an entry for burglars. Speaking of Mum – where was her car? She always used to get home at 2 and it had gone 3. And did Daniel even have that music? I thought it was extremely unusual but i still carried on walking down my front drive. I wish I hadn’t. I should have turned and run there and then. As I opened the door the stench entered my nose and filled my body with the putrid smell of what smelt like rotting corpses. I could scarcely breathe; the air was so thick because of that disgusting scent. The scent that will never leave my nose for the rest of my life.
“Mum!”I shouted up the stairs. “Dad! Dan!” No answer. I was petrified.   What could have happened? I was beginning to imagine the worst. I was about to find out. I threw my bags down onto the hall floor. I took my first step and crept up the stairs. I remember the smell being even worse up there. “Mum?” I whispered. Tears were beginning to gather in my eyes. As I got to my brothers room, the first across the hall I saw that the door was slightly open. My hand was sweating as I reached for the handle.   I opened the door and entered the room and there he was. Asleep facing the wall. “Dan! Will you turn that music down?” I remember saying as I rushed across the room and turned down the stereo. “It really stinks in here. And where are mum and dad?” he remained still and silent. It was like he wasn’t even breathing. I was right. “Dan!”. There was still no reply. I grew angry. I walked sternly across the room grabbed his shoulder and turned him so he would...


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