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Industrial Revolutions

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type 3
- Provide a clear and underlined thesis statement (20pts.)
- Use 6 numbered examples of negative social consequences and explain how they could have been changed or avoided (60pts.)
- Correct spelling of vocabulary words (20pts.)

                                                            Industrial Revolution Essay

          The Industrial Revolution brought forward great change to society. It brought some negative change and some positive change.
I believe that the negative social consequences of the Industrial Revolution could have been avoided or changed in many different ways.

              One negative social consequence of the Industrial Revolution that I think could've been avoided was the living situation of the poor
people. 1.The poor people live in dirty slums called tenements. These tenements were very disgusting, unsanitary, and crowded. This could've
been avoided if the government helped out the poor people and gave them better places to live. 2.Another negative social consequence of the
Industrial Revoulution was the spread of Cholera and other diseases. This could've been avoided if there was a better sewage and sanitation
system and the enviroment was cleaner.

              Another negative social consequence of the Industrial Revolution was 3.alot of people were unemployed due to the invention of
factories. This could've been avoided if factories were'nt relied on to do all of the work and people were still relied on to do work as well.
Even though the inventionof factories brought forth great unemployment, the factories still needed people to work the machines which brings
me to the next negative social consequence of the Industrial Revolution, which was 4.workers getting sick and injured due to the unsafe
equipment in the factories...


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