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Confederation in Canada

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I think the Fathers of Confederation are Canadian heroes. This is because, in order for the Canada, the second largest country in the world, to exist, the Fathers of Confederation were the ones to achieve this. They were the ones to come up with the ideas, take action and succeed. Without them, there would be no Canada today as the United States will most likely conquer all of present Canada. The Fathers are the heroes to create a free, independent country in North America, above the United States.

Based on the Ferguson's facts, I would have to agree that George Brown would be the number 1 important Father of Confederation. Although John A. Macdonald succeeded in uniting the British Colonies to form Canada, it was all really George Brown's ideas. John A. Macdonald just manipulated George Brown's ideas and used it to gain support from everybody, especially with the French Canadians, parti bleu. And with a series of maneuvers, John A. Macdonald outplayed and witted George Brown to make him seem like the most important man, when it's really George Brown. Without George Brown, there would not be a Canada like there is today.

I would disagree with Ferguson's ratings, because I do not think that Leonard Tilley and Charles Tupper would be more important than John A. Macdonald. Although, its true, without the 2 premiers of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, they would probably not have joined Canada on July 1, 1867, but without John A. Macdonald, there would not be such a brilliant man to unite Canada as it should have been. It does seem like John A. Macdonald just took all of the credit for uniting Canada when he didn't work as hard as the other Fathers of Confederation, but he was the one to set Canada on the right path and develop into the second largest country on Earth without being taken over by the US. If I had to rate the Fathers of Confederation, I would put George Brown first, George-Etienne Cartier and John A. Macdonald second, Alexander Telloch Galt third...


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