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The Three Main Views About the Development of Science: Reductionism, Falsificationism and Relativism.

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Describe the three main views about the development of science: reductionism, falsificationism and relativism.
In our everyday life we follow a specific procedure when trying to find out how something works. Normally, one makes a prediction of what will happen to something, and then analyze the result of the happening. The same practice is used in scientific research, though much more detailed and complex. To verify or falsify a theory, there are three philosophical theories about the nature of scientific development. This essay tries to describe these theories, and decide which one is best suited for today’s research.

Reductionism is used to resolve diverse problems of scientific knowledge. It is said to consist of linear, cumulative and convergent factors. In other words, science is concerned with testing and verifying, incorporating old theories into a correct body of science, and aiming towards an ideal as science progresses.
Reductionism affirms that complex terms can be described with the help of simpler notions. For instance arithmetic could be reduced to logics, and mental processes could be described as physics-related processes. The idea of where the boundary goes for a reductionist is not so clear. If a person that has caused a traffic accident, a person that wants to explain the accident describe it as a problem with the law system, while another person can describe the incident in terms of psychology. A third person thinks that psychology is a broad term and that it is about reaction patterns in the neurons. A fourth person might suggest that chemical processes lie behind the accident, while a fifth person means that all that has been said is irrelevant because the only thing that has actually happened is a physical process where atoms or pure energy has moved around according to the unpredictable rules of quantum mechanics.
A statement cannot be tested, or even considered scientific, if it is not falsifiable. Popper came up with the basic...


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