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Hitler Bio Book Review

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This biography is all about Adolf Hitler’s life. It talks about when and where he was born and what his ambitious were. Hitler had a very angry father and was scared of him. Hitler wanted to be an artist and that’s all he ever did but people saw him as a failed artist but he would become famous one day. The biography also talks about how Hitler got the idea to do what he done and why, All the events that occurred in order and therefore forms a timeline outlining the main events throughout Adolf Hitler’s life. This biography is written with neutral perspective as the author is just talking about Hitler’s life and not putting their thoughts into it.

I liked how this biography is written in a summary of his life. Also, the biography isn’t very long and doesn’t’. It focuses on the main points and events of Adolf Hitler’s life like when he was born and when he committed suicide. This biography is in my opinion written to give the reader a broad idea on Adolf Hitler.

1889- Adolf Hitler is born on 20th April at Braunau-am-Inn, Austria
1903- Hitler’s father dies
1914- 1st world war begins, Hitler joins German army
1919- Hitler realises his gift for public speaking
1921- The Nazi party makes Hitler their president
1933- Hitler is appointed chancellor and president from the death of von Hindenburg. He passes the Enabling Act and takes control of Germany.
1945- Hitler marries Eva and Commits Suicide.


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