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Why Does God Allow Evil

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If you like to read books, you may have heard of Elie Wisel. He is a famous writer who had been in a concentration camp during the Holocaust which completely changed his way of thinking God and furthermore his life. Like this, sometimes evilness attacks and even destroys people’s faith in God. Then why is there evil in this world if a loving God who is strong enough to remove the evil exists? We can find an answer from ourselves, not God. We, who were given freewill from God, have chosen to let evilness exist and even prosper in this world.
Evil is let exist in the world by human beings. Adam and Eve brought evilness into the world by disobeying God (NIV Bible gen.3), but bringing the evil and creating the evil are completely different. Then, what is the origin of the evil? Who made the evil which has made this world very abnormal? The Bible clearly says that God did create not only the light and prosperity, but also the darkness and disaster (Isaiah 45:7). He is the only creator who is able to make a huge thing such as evil which causes great pain in this world. Let’s think. Isn’t it ironic that perfectly loving God who wants to get rid of all evilness exists in this world created the evil? A parable of weeds among the wheat gives us a clear answer (NIV Bible matt.3:24-30). In the parable, the wheat is the symbol of the good and the weeds stand for the bad. The weeds grow with the wheat. The weeds are parasitic on the wheat and prevent the wheat from being provided enough nourishment. At first, it is hard to distinguish the wheat from the weeds, so we cannot pull the weeds because while we are pulling the weeds we might also pull the wheat. However, at the time of the harvest, the weeds are rooted up without remorse. The reason why God allows evil in the world is to distinguish the good from the bad. Let’s pretend there is a grain of rice. Do you think you would be able to find the grain of rice if you put it in a rice bag? However, if you put it in a black...


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