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Raise a Hand

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Jeanette Espinosa
Derek Gladwin
WR 122
Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Raise A Hand
The controversy over abortion has been going on for so long.   Pro-choice or Pro-life, which category do you raise a hand in?   This option is one’s own decision to make and an emotional decision it is.   One may be judged for their selection, but all in all it comes down to Pro-choice or Pro-life.   Do pictures, speeches, videos, or knowledge change ones perspective and choice?  
The one minute and two second video clip titled “Everyone Against Abortion, Please Raise Your Hand” (video) is focused on pro-life.   The video starts out in white letters and a black background ‘Everyone Against Abortion’.   (The background to the whole video is black). Then the next scene states ‘Please Raise Your Hand’.   Then a Caucasian adult’s hand holding a Caucasian infant’s hand, as the camera backs away the image shows an adults hand and an infant’s hand that has been removed from the body.   The following scene is again in white letters ‘This is the hand of a child that was aborted.’   Next scene ‘Let us mourn for these children.   May our hearts be broken enough for God to enter and stir us to action to defend their lives’.   The last scene states ‘To see more photos of what abortion does and to join the pro-life movement, visit www.unborn.info’. (video)
I found this video on the internet www.priestforlife.org.   Fr. Frank Pavone is the National director of priests for life.   Not only the National director he is the President of National Pro-Life Religious Council, Pastoral Director of Rachel’s Vineyard and the Founder and Moderator General of Missionaries of the Gospel of life.   He has been involved with pro-life movements since 1976 and came into priest hood in 1988. (bio)
This message defiantly uses pathos for the argument.   Having an adults hand raised while holding an infant’s hand that was aborted is defiantly an argument from the heart.   This image is saying I the adult am speaking for this baby...


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