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Lovely Bones

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Has it ever crossed your mind if your departed loved ones ever observe you from above in “their” heaven? In the novel The Lovely Bones, by the author Alice Sebold, this is exactly what happens. Heart aching moments, broken love and overwhelming times of struggle are all very true elements in this beautifully written, bittersweet story. This page turner will have emotions flaming from cheerless to blessed till the very end! This book is full of unexpected twists and unbearable scenes, suiting almost any personal preference of any novel.
Beautiful and loved Susie Salmon’s life is ended tragically as the reader is shown her gruesome and horrible rape and murder, a sudden change from the sweet beginning. As Susie watches from her heaven, incapable to do anything but that; her family begins to fall apart as they all attempt to deal with her sudden departure to the afterlife. Enveloped in their own suffering and agony, the family’s struggles seem to mirror Susie’s, since she can do nothing but observe her family’s grief.   Her family, those she left behind, are her unfinished business; and as such she must help them before she can move on.   Somehow she must convey to them that she’s really gone and they must move on and learn to love each other without her, and to live a new life with her gone. The story also follows and centers on the psychotic man who killed Susie, Mr. George Harvey, and how he got to be in the position he finds himself in, from how he became so disturbed to the other people he has killed. This causes some insight into his psyche and history, which allows the reader to feel empathy and sorrow for his story based on the fact that his insanity is due to factors out of his control and dysfunction in his life. Susie’s loved ones eventually open up and expose their true feelings, which allows the healing to finally take place; this moving moment brings the reader to tears. Due to the plausibility of these events, the story line adds dramatically to the...


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