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How the Rich Experienced the Great Depression

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Author, Unknown. “Wealthy.”
During the times of The Great Depression, while the less fortunate suffered greatly, the rich were largely unaffected. The standards of living improved for the rich because they could now afford more than the lower class. They bought cheap homes and land from those who couldn’t pay their mortgage repayments. They also bought businesses and belonging from the bankrupt citizens of the lower class. Some wealthy people also exploited the poor into cheap labour. A way to pay less rates was to employ women and children because they weren’t entitled to the same wages as men. Even men had to take significant pay cuts in a desperate attempt to keep their job.
Tension grew between wealthy and poor citizens. A divide grew as the wealthy were better off and the poorer reached new depths of despair. The less fortunate often rebelled against the rich, stealing and vandalizing their property. Some took up demonstrations of protest against the state and federal governments. Many of the rich came to fear the working class and their demonstrations which often ended in police intervention.
Some of the higher class were kinder and more generous to the poor. The women who travel in expensive cars to search for bargains also turned to charity work. They held charity balls and galas to raise funds for the poor, although the poor could not attend these events. They used charity as a way to boost their public image.
A certain Sidney Myer was a well known and loved philanthropist in The Great Depression. The Myer Emporium prospered and, in return, their employees were rewarded. The employees were rewarded with hospital and dental clinics that Myer had established. As well as being given company shares and fully-paid vacations. Sidney Myer was known for the kindness he displayed to his employees and his generosity to the lower class. His generosity warmed the hearts of 11,500 of...


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