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The Causes of the Industrial Revolution

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During the 18th century and late 19th century, a major technological, social, economic and cultural change known as the Industrial Revolution would start in Great Britain and eventually spread to many parts of the world. During that times preceding the Industrial Revolution, Great Britain’s economy relied heavily on manual labour, but would be soon rapidly replaced by industry and machines. The causes of the Industrial Revolution are complicated and   many historians still debate today about the exact causes. There are several causes that have been agreed upon by many to have been crucial in the causation of the Industrial Revolution. It began with the mechanisation of the textile industries and the major technological advancements that took place, like the development of iron-making techniques. When steam power was introduced in mines and machinery in factories, there was an explosion in production. Machine tools and parts were re-designed and created to make more reliable machinery that functioned at an easier and quicker rate than ever before. By building canals, improving roads and eventually rail ways, trade expansion occurred. The changes that occurred in the Industrial Revolution are said to be even more revolutionary than the Neolithic Revolution.

    One of the main causes of Britain’s Industrial Revolution was the financial resources that they received from their colonies overseas. Trading allowed them to have access to a wide variety of products that could in turn be sold to benefit the economy. Great Britain also had the profits that they had made from the British Slave Trade to put towards industrial investments. After the Napoleonic Wars, Great Britain was one of the only countries not affected by financial debt and economy collapse. When Britain was fighting in the wars, they relied mostly on their colonies overseas to trade goods. Many other countries relied solely upon their own market to finance the war. When the Napoloeonic Wars ended, Great...


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