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Globalization and Localization

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The importance of globalization and localization in transnational communication
Jarungyod Arunyanak

At the present, people around the world are communicating with one another all the time. This means that the current communication among people is totally different than before. In the past, people just communicated with other people in local areas that they lived. On the other hand, at this time they interact with other people internationally. This is because globalization system was created after the fall of Berlin Wall in the 1990’s. It can be said that this is the impact of Globalization on people’s lives. It has made the explosive growth of the World Wide Web, closer trade relationships among countries, increased the sharp number of multinational corporations and the like. Many people believe that globalization has many harmful influences, on the other hand, millions of people reject that it makes people can communicate and do their businesses effectively or enhance the standard of living. This paper will provide the definition of globalization and localization and discuss the importance of both systems in the field of transnational communication.

The definition of globalization

Globalization is the process that increases the connectivity and interdependence of products, services, labor, technology and capital throughout this world (www.investorwords.com, 2003). This process has significantly speeded up for the last two decades because new technology make people’s live style easier such as travel, communicate, and do business internationally.

The importance of globalization in transnational communication

This section will offer two major importance of globalization in transnational communication. The first considerable importance of globalization in the area is that globalization makes people are able to communicate with one another easier than in the past. In other word, globalization brings about prosperity throughout the world. Since...


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