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When I’m coming home from school, I always come across the same man in Wilshire/ Vermont. He’s in a wheelchair, with a bucket between his laps, because that’s all that’s left of his legs. His shins, feet, and knees are gone. He’s always shouting, “A little help please! Spare some change!” It pains me to see the homeless man with a medical condition not being cared for. I would love to help people like this, because there are some determined yet unfortunate people who deserve a good heads start and chances to hope for a better future. Homelessness is a big negative part of my community, but I can help it make it better by donating and helping organizations that deal with homelessness.

“Los Angeles is the homeless capital of the nation” states an article called “Homelessness in the Los Angeles County”. Los Angeles County has the largest homeless population than any other city in America. Some people believe that homeless people got to where they are because they are lazy and uneducated. This can be true, but 25% of homeless people in Los Angeles have received a type of college education. Another fact against that stereotype is that 20% of homeless people are physically disabled, making them unable to work. But those who do work take up 20% of the homeless population. Considering there are 73,000 people homeless in the Los Angeles County every night, those percentages make up to a great number of people. “Homelessness in the Los Angeles County” also states that “As children, 27% lived in foster care or group homes; 25% were physically or sexually abused.” Los Angeles definitely has the worst problem with homelessness in the country because “only 17% of the homeless population is sheltered. In San Diego, 57% are sheltered and in Philadelphia, Denver, and New York, more than 90% are sheltered.” Homelessness is definitely one of the worst problems in Los Angeles, but there are ways to help it.

I can help make my community better by donating things I don’t use to...


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