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Corrie Ten Boom/Treatment of the Jews

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The Jewish people in Europe were horribly mistreated and hated during the 1930’s; this hatred began all the way back to Jesus being killed by Jews.   This was when the king ordered the death of Jesus by nailing him to a crucifix, it was because of this circumstance taking place that Hitler and the Nazi’s hated Jewish people so badly.     Hitler made his abomination for Jewish people very distinct by the way he treated them, this varied from stopping them spreading their views and ideas in 1933 to mass murder and torture in later years.
Jews were absolutely discriminated during the times of WWII.   They were beaten, tortured and killed.   With about six million Jews killed (approximately 63% of all Jews) and only merely three million survivors, two times the amount of deaths than survivors took place.  
The life of a Jew during the Holocaust was truly difficult, as displayed in the film The Hiding Place they were used for hard labour and filthy, dirty slave work that the Nazi’s put them up to.   Many were sent to concentration camps, others were sentenced to death. One of the most notorious camps, Ravensbrück was where the author of The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom was sent off to with her sister Betsie.   Ravensbrück was a women only concentration camp located northern in Germany, the women had to endure so much work, and were limited to only a small supply of food.   The women were treated like a pile of crap, things such as getting beaten in front of everyone for not following orders from the SS guards, to sleeping on a bed with at least two or three maybe even more people on the same mattress. This place was obviously not a genuine scene.
Corrie Ten Boom had to face adversity and torture even though the fact that she was not even a Jew.   She felt the same pain and suffering as a Jew, she also contemplated anger and anguish towards every Nazi. Her hate built up so high that every day she would be depressed, stressed and irritated.   She felt that there was nothing...


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