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Sonny Garner
  To dehumanize means to treat someone so horrible as if they are a dog. To take away all their rights and freedom. That is what the Germans did to the jews, I am here to tell you and explain to you just how the Germans did this and what affect it had to the Jews. Elie Wiesel expressed dehumanization strongly in his novel Night. He used his personal experiences and clever simalies to create an image in our heads of what it would have been like if we were there.
  Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Jewish race was a wrong race. They believed since Germany lost WW1 they had to pin it on somebody and they decided it should be the Jews. Since Germany had already put it in the head of their citizens that the Jewish people were bad people, it was not so hard to completely turn them against the whole race as a whole.

  Hitler and the Germans used a very special tactic to dehumanize the Jews and turn Germany against the Jews. It was called propaganda. The first person to ever try to use this tactic was Josef Goebbles who started to create a very bad representation and image of the Jews by blaming them for the hard economic times in Germany. He believed that if he did this, he would make the jews an inferior race and wanted it to be the stepping stone to eliminate the freedom that the Jews had and to take away their rights,
  Everyday, Germans told everyone that the Jewish people should be brought away from society. They told this in all schools, churches, everywhere.
  The effects of propaganda were bigger then expected. Everyone around the world started to ridicule the Jews. a lot of violence also aroused around mainly populated Jewish neighborhoods. Since a lot of people did this to the jews, they were driven into despair and poverty. Just using this one tactic and the hatred against the Jews set the stage for a huge genocide.

Another way the Germans dehumanized the jews was that they passes a bunch of...


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