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The Message of Walle

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Alejandra Perez
English 099
Dr. Jennings
May 1, 2010
The Message of Walle: Stop being Lazy before It’s too Late to Save our Planet
Who would have thought that a cartoon movie like Pixar’s Walle could have so much environmental education incorporated into its plot? In the movie Walle, it explains how recycling is important. Recycling is saving trees, water, electricity, waste and so on. Many people have become so careless about not recycling. The lack of recycling has become such a huge problem, that if we do not fix it, our home here in the Antelope Valley will be destroyed just like in the movie Walle. Our valley still shows some beauty in our clear sky, green grass and fresh air. However things like littering, wasting, and not re-using, and being careless about our city shows that our world will become a dumpster like in the movie Walle.
In this film, Walle is in a world made up from a bunch of trash that he tries to clean up and to make a new city again. This shows that Walle is trying to bring something back to life that is already dead. Here in the Antelope Valley people have become so careless that littering has become a common routine of our everyday life. All over our cities there’s trash. It is as if   walking to the nearest trash can is nearly impossible. It has gotten to the point where you find disturbing trash on the floor while walking to class or walking through the park with a young child such as an unwrapped condom. Although, Walle is a robot and clearly has no idea what most things are he also comes across a woman’s bra being a young woman myself I feel that is definitely private, and should not be left out like trash. We are not left alone like Walle is but if we continue with these bad habits more and more people will pick up on them, and just like Walle we will be left in a dumpster and no way to fix it.

Walle was a company made up of robots that was designed by humans to clean up all the trash that they made. But the trash kept...


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