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God's Existence?

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Michael Connors   06 May 2010
Introduction to Philosophy         Midterm Opinion Paper

Does God Truly Exist?
For years the ideas and perceptions of the existence of a higher presence, a god, have been debated and argued. From the god’s creation vs. evolution to the heaven vs. hell, this topic has been torn apart time and time again but I’m here to set the record straight by giving you my opinion. I’ll tell you up front that you are entitled to your opinion but this is mine and this is how it is.
Let’s start with the creation vs. evolution claim. If humans’ evolved from chimpanzees then why is it that chimpanzees are still here on earth. Evolution only works when the adaptations and evolvements are put into effect due to survival of the fittest. So if humans were the fittest in that species during the evolving time frame, how is it that the chimpanzees, or weaker of the species, have still survived to this day. The theoretical developments that would prove evolution is the key to how humans came to be on planet earth doesn’t line up with how the scientific layout of evolution works leaving only the possibility of creation from a higher being. This higher being, god, has been thought to have created mankind for thousands of years. The story lays out that god created Adam and Eve in the garden starting the existence of man. According to archeologists and scientists who have searched and studied that area of the world, there have been several findings which lead to the creation of man being proven. Ancient drawings and historical writings on cave walls and stones have been discovered explaining the story of god and his creation of man thousands and thousands of years before our time even had started this debate. As the world has evolved and the stories have changed over time, the one thing that has remained a constant is the fact the billions of people believes in God and his/her power as the almighty to create mankind.
Each religion across...


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