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"the man who follows the crowd, gets no further than the crowd, the man who walks alone, finds himself places no man has ever known" stephen graham" - Whytee


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Oscar Das
The most memorable moments in someone’s life can consist of many different things from past to present. Memories are sometimes caught on camera and shared as photos among people or sometimes as video captured and seen as live action. Among of all the ways to catch memories, the most excellent one is to remember something or capture it with your own eyes. I have many memorable moments with my family, friends, and strangers and some of them still throw back in time simply because they were the best.
The most memorable moments I had was when I graduated from high school. Despite the fact that I was moving to a whole new adventure, I was also going to be miss my high school friends for four years. Those who supported me in the long run and also helped me get over obstacles in my way. Friends are full of memories and sometimes they should be kept forever in one’s heart. Everyone has some memorable moments with their friends. Some are good and some of them are embarrassing. Regardless of how that moment was, people should still remember forever.
I made so many friends in high school, even though I knew one day I will graduate and leave them behind and that will be heart breaking. Friends from freshmen year, sophomore, and junior years we all went to same class, laughed at same joke, and sat at the same place and ate lunch together. We ran in the hallway as soon as class was dismissed. Also got scold by teacher for texting each other in class. Such memories and moments cannot be forgotten. One time we threw paint at each other in class and got kicked out then we went to Mc. Donald’s. That’s a moment to be remembered. Also, when I was in my sophomore year I was in soccer team and we went to different school for the game and that’s an unforgettable memory.
Graduation was the best and the most memorable day ever. All of my fellow friends who graduated with me and those who didn’t. The principal calling my name and me walking through the grand stage and shake...


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