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Global Warnıng

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In the last two centuries science and technology have been improved so much that we even can’t keep pace with their fast steps. In fact everything started with good intentions which are more comfortable and longer lives. Until the last two decades all these developments on these fields proved their successes and aims, but unfortunately we notice that we started ruin the balance of the nature and unfortunately we noticed that the dream we see, will be a nightmare for our next generations. This nightmare is called global warming. Terminologically it means the rising of the temperature all over the world especially in arctic regions, practically it means disaster. How do these result in such a situation? How can we get rid of this nightmare or can we get rid of this?

Everything started with industrial revolution, big factories mass and cheap production, more job opportunities; better salaries were the result of this revolution. As the machines and science developed, medicine also developed parallel. As the people earned more money they wanted to have a more comfortable life naturally. They wanted to own a car, a big house, a fridge, a washing machine, an air conditioner and etc.   As the medicine was improved, the life expands of human being also prolonged and this resulted in growing population. Growing population means more cars, more fridges, more etc. More cars and more etc. mean more factories. They are all part of a Lego. And unfortunately most of these products are the reasons of global warming. Everybody in the world except some primitive tribes of Africa and of the other continents is in the center of this problem. Everybody is the criminal and the victim of this problem.

How can we get rid of this situation? When we think deeply upon it, it seems impossible for now. Why? First of all, every individual in the world have to learn to without the belongings we mentioned above like their ancestors. Secondarily manufacturers of the belongings have to stop...


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